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CBD, the self-care your skin deserves

Hey! We're the Topical Company. Our mission is simple: To shift the perception of CBD into the mainstream as the premier ingredient for beauty, health and wellness.

Welcome to The Topical Co.

We believe everyone deserves the confidence of great skin, and we've dug into the science of topical cannabinoids to simplify your self care.

We're on the cutting edge; join our journey in defining the future of skincare!

Introducing our
Flagship Line

We took our time creating our flagship skincare line from scratch.

Forget ridiculously long ingredient lists full of molecules you aren't familiar with. Our products are all natural, non-toxic, and packed with CBD.

From anti-aging to anti-inflammatory, this short but sweet lineup covers a wide spectrum of self-care for the skin on your body and on your face.

The Body Butter
The Facial Moisturizer

The Science of Skincare

We're bringing you the cutting edge with our new blog.

Our mission is to share the benefits of CBD topicals with the world. Get the latest on our research on our blog, The Science of Skincare.